CompuPort Bluetooth 4 Key Finder Smart Pets GPS Tracker, Real-Time Tracking for Pets Dogs Kids Cats Luggage Purse with… Price: $17.50 (as of 20/03/2021 22:09 PST- Details)

【GPS Tracker】:CompuPort iTrack II, The Best Key Finder Locator : Ring GPS tracker for kids, people ,Keys, Elderly person, Purse and Wallet. With enhanced Chipset key fob TRACKER GPS device for any lost items NO MONTHLY FEE and doesn’t require a subscription- Can’t find your phone? Long press your CompuPort iTrack2 device’s button to ring your phone, even its on silent! . Thanks to our BLE technology, Great Holiday GIFT.
【FIND your Items】: REAL-TIME TRACKING Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs, Cats, Pets. School Backpack, Looking for Person with ALZHEIMER, Tracking device for kids, Pets, Phone, Wallet, key finder locator? With flash and alarm you can easily find them! – Attach CompuPort iTrack2 to anything and use iTrackEasy App. to find your Items FAST. – Lasting One year replaceable battery Life.
【Separation ALARM】: The phone will alarm when the phone and iTrack2 device is out of range to Avoid your item being lost. 【ENHANCED SAFETY】: GPS Tracking System can also be used with child safety in crowded public places in the event that they are separated from their parents. It is excellent for finding a child within a short range who has wandered out of sight. Key Finder will be very useful to help blind people find their way around a room and improve their location abilities.

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